1. Introduction

–       You need to introduce your study by giving a discussion on your topic. What is your topic all about, it may be something new which you want to tell your reader. Provide a historical discussion about your topic as well – when was this topic first discussed by scholars, what is it’s development so far etc.


  1. Background of the Study

Provide a background of your study. This section may be related to the introduction, but your main focus should be on your topic. The first two sections do not have to be very long, as long as your reader/examiner gets a good feel of what exactly is it that you are trying to study, that would be good enough.


  1. Research Questions

In this sections, you will have to pose a number of questions – why is this topic very important to be studied? Why is it significant to the economic, political or social development of a particular country? What makes you interested to study this topic? For example, issues relating to HIV/AIDS have been studied by many scholars in the past. Governments in most countries have spent billions of dollars setting up public campaigns in trying to educate the general public about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and how the spread of this deadly disease may be minimized. Despite this, the number of people contracting with the deadly virus continue to rise. Why is this happening? What happened? What went wrong? Was it the fault of the media which failed to effectively disseminate accurate information about HIV/AIDS to the general public? Or was it because the government has failed to put up an effective campaign strategy or do you think it is the fault of the media which failed to play its role more effectively? These are all research questions which you will have to address in this section of your proposal.


  1. Literature Review

In this section, you will have to read lots and lots of journal articles and printed documents pertaining to the topic you are studying. Your main focus should be on the findings of past studies on the same or similar research topic as yours. You need to try to understand what has been studied in the past, why it was studied and what outcome was obtained from the studies? Based on your readings of past studies, then you will have a clear picture of what exactly it is that you want to study.


  1. Objectives of the Study

Here, you will have to clearly state the main objective of the study and the specific objectives of the study. For the main objective of the study, this can be written in just one sentence. However, for the specific objectives of the study, you will have to list down 3 or even 4 specific objectives (in point forms). For example:

  • To study the effects of weblog content on the society
  • To understand the political implications on the content of a particular weblog design
  • To examine the views and perceptions of the general public concerning the impact of weblog on the social, political and economic parameters of a particular country



  1. Methodology

Under methodology, you will have to discuss the following 3 points:

  • How your data is to be obtained – it is by means of qualitative approach or quantitative approach?
  • Respondents Selection – you need to discuss about your population and sample size and you need to clearly identify how you identified your respondents and what method are you using to collect primary data from your key respondents.
  • Analysis of data – here you will have to clearly discuss how is it that you are planning to analyse your data – are you planning to use any specific statistical software or instrument? You also need to defend your action by giving reasons why you choose a specific statistical tool to analyze your data.


  1. Conclusion

Here, you need to provide an overall discussion of all the points you have discussed above. This sections doesn’t have to be very long, about ½ page to a maximum of maybe 2 pages.